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IPIC Professional Development Classes This Week
If you haven't signed up already, here is your chance. The Bat Cave's Professional Development Sampler classes for staff and faculty are happening tomorrow through Friday. Click here for the class offerings and to register. (If you forgot the MLink passwords, they are mlink and mccc04.)

The Virtual College Featured in US1 Newspaper
Princeton's US1 Newspaper did a major feature story about distance learning entitled "From Virtual to Real, Education Goes the Distance," including an interview with Debbie Kell. Read the full article here.

Click here for "Profiles in Distance Education" which includes MCCC graduate Mackington Joseph.

Updated Organization Chart Online
Click here for the updated chart on Mlink.

Library Ready for Business in Temporary Trailer
Over the summer, the Library on the West Windsor campus moved from its home of more than 36 years to temporary quarters located next to the AD building (on the side nearest the Conference Center and across from the BS building). The trailer is white with green trim; the staff anticipates remaining at this location until the middle to late spring of 2009.

During the relocation, the Library staff will continue to offer most, if not all, of the regular services faculty need when seeking instructional support, conducting research and/or seeking research assistance. For a list of services the library provides and information on how to access or locate them, click here.
If you do not see a service listed that you are interested in, please call ext. 3554 for assistance.

For photos of staff and their new location, click here.

College Governance Council Reminder from Nancy Sobala
Academic Year 2008-2009 is about to begin! Dr. Donohue has given the CGC Executive Committee great support and encouragement this summer. In meeting with us the President emphasized the important role of CGC in reviewing proposals for policy and procedure and in oversight of the strategic plan implementation. We have been revising the by-laws and look forward to working with President Donohue as a stronger College Governance Council.

The first College Governance Council meeting of the academic year will be on Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 12 noon in CM109; the meeting will be simulcast to KC319 at the James Kerney Campus. The meeting is open to all MCCC faculty, staff and students. Below are links to the agenda and the minutes of the April 29th meeting. Please print these documents and bring them with you to the August 21st meeting.

Anyone who has been elected to CGC for FY08-09 is expected to attend. All 3 CGC Officer positions are open; elections are on the agenda. Please consider becoming one of the new officers. Below is a link to the list of Representative Groups of CGC; all groups are encouraged to have someone attend this meeting even if elections have not been held yet.

Please contact Nancy Sobala at ext. 3221 or sobalan@mccc.edu if you will not be able to attend. If you cannot be at this meeting, please have a proxy attend for you.


What's Coming to Kelsey Theatre

Aug. 15-24 -- Maurer Productions Returns With New "Pooh" Musical

PREVIEW of the 2008-09 Season

Death of Bobbie Gates
The husband of retiree, Armida Gates, died on Friday. Click here for the obituary.

Current Position Openings at MCCC
Click here for the list of job openings on campus.

Mercer in the News Online

The Times, Aug. 15, 2008: Wolski Best in Region 19

US 1 Newspaper, Aug. 13, 2008: From the Virtual to the Real

MCCC NEWS CLIPS: To view most MCCC News Clippings online go to http://www.burrellesluce.com/ and in the upper right hand corner fill in the Username (7965) and the Password (news), then click on "Media Content."

Great Adventure/Hurricane Harbor Tickets Available
Camp College has tickets for sale for Great Adventure ($30) and Hurricane Harbor ($27). For more information contact Trish Venanzi at ext. 3291 or e-mail venanzip@mccc.edu.

Sports Update
Get an update on the progress of our sports teams here.

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