E-Bulletin of June 24, 2009

Upcoming Events



Upcoming Events

Pre-Class Week and College Assembly Dates Set
On Wednesday, Aug. 26, all are invited to the staff outdoor barbecue at the WWC Quad, followed by the College Assembly at 1:15 p.m. For the full Pre-Class Week schedule, click here.

IPIC's Fall 2009 Professional Development Sampler
From Debbie Kell: It is that time of the year again....IPIC's Fall 2009 Professional Development Sampler is scheduled for the afternoons of Monday, Aug. 24 and Thursday, Aug. 27. Everyone is invited! We are presenting this event as a series of workshops, some running concurrently, representing a wide range of interests and needs. We invite you to browse through our "menu" and choose the sessions that you would like to attend. We are sure that you will find something of interest.

Please view the variety of workshops: at:http://www.mccc.edu/~kelld/prodev/fall09/fall09.htm

MCCC Book Club Meets Aug. 14
The next meeting of the MCCC Book Club will be on Friday, August 14, 2009, 12 noon in the Faculty/Staff Dining Room. The discussion will be about "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen.

The September meeting of the MCCC Book Club will be on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 12 noon in the Faculty/Staff Dining Room. The discussion will be about "Teacher Man" by Frank McCourt.

Both of these books can be obtained through the Mercer County Library System (which all MCCC faculty and staff have access to). Melinda Struzynski says, "Come to the library or call us and we'll explain how!" If you have any questions contact Melinda at struzynm@mccc.edu, ext. 3554.

Latin American Night to Raise Scholarship Dollars Aug. 18
The Latina Women's Council we host Latin American Night at Waterfront Park on Aug. 18 to raise funds for MCCC scholarships. The organization will award $1,000 scholarships to six students.

MouthWorks Performs Aug. 28 and 29
The MouthWorks comedy troupe is continuing to help raise funds for local rescue squads while showing off their talent in the community. According faculty member Kathi Paluscio, "The shows are a smash! People don't even want to leave when it is over--some of the crowd gets up and dances at the end with the cast!" Coming shows:

Benefit for Veterans of Foreign Wars--VFW
Friday, Aug. 28, 8 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets $5. Snacks, refreshments and drinks will be available for sale. Location: VFW, 11 Henderson Road, Kendall Park NJ. Call 732-297-9823.

Benefit for Lambertville/New Hope Rescue Squad
Saturday, Aug. 29, 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 7 p.m., Tickets $15 a person; $25 a couple
Snacks and finger food provided. Location: Lambertville New Hope Ambulance and Rescue Squad, 70 Alexander Ave. Lambertville, NJ. Call 609-397-8112.

More here.

The Heart Walk Set for Sept. 13
MCCC will again participate in the Heart Walk, and Amy Iseneker is the college representative. The walk is set for Sunday, Sept. 13 at 9:30 a.m. at Mercer County Park. If you are interested in walking and/or donating, contact one of the following:
AD Building - Debbie Kell
BS Building - Josie Mathias
MS Building - Amy Iseneker
LA Building - Dan Rose
CM Building - Debbie Kell
FA/ES/ET - Tina LaPlaca
PE Building - John Kalinowski
SC Building (1st Floor) - Danielle Garruba and Karissa Kozlak
SC Building (2nd Floor) - Reggie Grant
Security/Maintenance - Tim Klockner

Conference Center - Betty Smith

A volunteer is still needed for the Library. Also needed are silent auction donations and heart healthy recipes for a cookbook. Please contact Amy at isenekea@mccc.edu or ext. 3372, and send her your auction donations and recipes.

Date to Remember: MCCC Report to the Community, Nov. 12, 2009

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MCCC Receives $74,185 Grant for Adults Returning to College
The college has received a $74,185 one-year grant from the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to contact and re-engage previous students who left in good academic standing. The grant seeks to increase the number of New Jersey students who complete college degrees or certificates. MCCC has identified a pool of 2,000 students who will be contacted. Some students may be eligible for forgiveness of back tuition debt so they can re-start their education. Participants must have attended the college within 5-7 years and have earned 30 or more credits with a GPA of 2.75 or greater. Counselors will be advising students on how to make the best academic choices.

Mercer is one of four colleges receiving the funding from the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education. The grant is federally funded and designed to create programs that can be self-sustaining.

CTD Secures Training Grants for Six Businesses and Organizations
Mercer's Center for Training and Development (CTD) has assisted in securing training grants from New Jersey's Department of Labor and Workforce Development for six area businesses and nonprofit organizations. Totaling over $300,000, the grants will provide staff training in leadership, supervision, communications, customer service, computer training, ESL or Spanish, and quality initiatives. More here.

Mercer in the News Online

The Times:
MCCC Will Offer Course in Hindi Language

MCCC Seeking Sponsors (Soccer Tournament)

Pennington Post:

Mercer Exec. Hughes Announces Shared Service Agreement

MCCC Theatre People at Center Stage of NY Fringe Festival

What's Coming to Kelsey Theatre

July 24 - Aug. 9: Assassins

Aug. 14-23: Musical of Musicals, the Musical

Current Position Openings at MCCC
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Sports Update
Get an update on the progress of our sports teams here.


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