E-Bulletin of October 28, 2009

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Lecture by Acclaimed Photographer Thomas Roma Nov. 5
Internationally acclaimed photographer Thomas Roma, a professor and director of the undergraduate and graduate Photography Program at Columbia University School of the Arts, will present a visual and poetic journey of 1950s northern New Jersey in his talk, "Recent Works: Photography Through the Lens of Thomas Roma," on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 12 noon in CM 110. More here.

Lunchtime Yoga Classes Extended
Yoga classes have been extended through the semester. Wednesdays, 12 to 1 p.m. in the main gymnasium. Bring a mat.

Coming Event Reminders

Oct. 17-Nov. 12: "Connect" with Art at MCCC Gallery

Oct. 29: Blood drive at the Blood Mobile of the Community Blood Council, parked in Circle 6, by the Student Center & FA Building, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Bring a Photo I.D.

Nov. 4: Lecture by Rider Prof: "On Life Support: The New Jersey Labor Movement in the 21st Century," 12 noon in CM 107.

Nov. 12: Community Open House and Board Report, The Conference Center at Mercer, 4:30 to 7 p.m. Please sign up now and help spread the word!

Nov. 12: Holocaust Center film "Weapons of the Spirit," 12 noon in CM109, followed by panel discussion.

Nov. 13: Staff/Faculty in Football Classic, 4:30 p.m. Email Francis or Craig.

Nov. 20: MCCC participates as Food Network Chef Ellie Krieger Presents "So Easy," 7 p.m., RWJ Hamilton Center for Health and Wellness

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Science Fair Draws Crowd to JKC
Hundreds of students and community members learned about careers in science at a Science Fair Oct. 22 at the James Kerney Campus. The fair was made possible by a grant from the Delaware Valley Innovation Network (DVIN) of Philadelphia, which promotes a skilled and talented life science workforce in the Delaware Valley.

MCCC faculty member Linda Gaylo applied for the grant and organized the event, which was designed to promote science as a career to those who might not otherwise learn about opportunities in fields such as biology, chemistry and anatomy. More here with photos.

MCCC Honored by Mercer Chamber of Commerce
The college received the "Community Service Award" at the Renaissance Ball of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 24. "We recognize and admire the college's activities and programs and the far-reaching impact they have had on individuals, businesses and families that were educated, trained and involved with the college, particularly at the James Kerney Campus." said Michele Siekerka, Chamber president.

Proceeds from the event help support the Arts and Business Council of Trenton, and the YWCA of Trenton.

Coleman, Richardson Honored by NAACP
MCCC Board President Rev. William E. Coleman, Jr. and Dr. Beverly A. Richardson, former vice president for college advancement and JKC provost, were both honored at the NAACP awards dinner Oct. 25. Also honored were MCCC alumni Zane Dion Clark, Sr. (Community Service Award), Paul D. Mclemore, Sr. (Legal Award), and Hazel Stewart (Community Service Award).

Nature Smiles on the Brave at Survivorfest 09
Kathy Paluscio says, "On Wednesday, October 21, in the Student Center Quad, under a perfect sky, a group of 15 students from all majors gathered to present the third annual Public Speaking Fall Festival. This year the festival got a new name, 'Survivorfest 09!' a blend of heartfelt speeches, music, comedy, free snacks, prizes and a few fake speech-anxiety attacks. Amid fluttering streamers and electric guitar, one by one, 15 students who had successfully completed CMN112. Mercer's highly transferrable Public Speaking Course, and hungry to show off their new skills, crafted humorous and very touching messages for the crowd."

Tith the help of Prof. Kathi Paluscio, Director of Student Activities Danielle Garruba, the Student Activities staff, Student Government Association, Media Services and Facilities staff, the student hosts rolled out quite a welcome for the 80 or so students, staff and faculty who stopped by. More here with photo.

Chef Su-Mei Yu Presents at MCCC
Author of three cookbooks, world-renowned chef Su-Mei Yu gave a presentation at MCCC on Oct. 23. A specialist in Thai cooking, Yu demonstrated how to make almond milk, and gave audience members a sample. Photo here.

Mercer in the News Online

MCCC Hosts Open House; Invites Community

Theatre Director Earns Lifetime Award

US 1 Newspaper:
Girls Can't Do Science, Can They (Joan Bennett, to speak at MCCC Oct. 27)

What's Coming to Kelsey Theatre

Oct. 30-Nov. 8: Equus

Nov. 13-22: The Producers

Nov. 21: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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