Adrienne Dixon Starts New Business

MCCC's Adrienne Dixon is launching a new business.

A Mercer alum, Dixon works at JKC as an education specialist in the Adult Basic Education program and coordinator of extension sites for the GED program. Her faith-based business is called "Train up a Child."

The company will market toys that consist of heroes of the bible, dolls, action figures, games, figurines and other collector's items. Dixon has a patent pending on an invention she created -- doll action figures of men and women spiritual leaders of today (such as TD Jakes, Joel Olsteen, Paula White, etc.) -- which will help teach spiritual values to children. By pressing a button on the back of the doll, children will hear a spiritual message or biblical quotation in the minister's own voice.

Dixon she got the idea one Sunday at church "it was strictly a vision," she said. "I thought that this would work for children. As children grow, they fall back on what they learned as a young child."

Dixon has found a U.S. company to produce the dolls, and is working on developing software so parents can download new biblical quotations as a child grows. Her website with ordering information will be up soon.

She has been interviewed by WIMG and will be doing more radio interviews soon.


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