Distinguished Teaching Award 2005


Comments about this year’s recipient from students who nominated her:

Prof. X is an outstanding teacher.  She explains the subject matter so that everyone can understand it.  She knows how to make class truly an enjoyable learning experience.  She loves teaching the subject matter and it shows in her enthusiasm to have all students succeed.

I had Professor X as an instructor in course Y.  She was very thorough yet made me feel comfortable with her teaching.  She is tough, but great and very fair.  I learned a great deal from her class. 

She is a wonderful educator and truly cares for all students.  She goes out of her way to assist struggling students.  She is always available during office hours to assist students having difficulties.  She is there for her students and is willing to work with them to help them succeed.  She was one of the kindest professors I had at Mercer.

Comments from colleagues:

Prof. X goes about her teaching in her own quiet subtle way, but there is nothing subtle about the impact she has on her students and the dedication she shows to them and her programs.  No matter how busy she may be, she always has time to meet with students, even students from other majors if there is no one else available.  I believe that she personifies a great teacher: tough but fair, dynamic, available, approachable, interested and committed.  She is one of the unsung heroes that go about their duties without a lot of noise and fanfare.

X is an enthusiastic and conscientious faculty member who freely gives of her time to both MCCC and to students.  She is an outstanding role model for all college employees.

She is enthusiastic about her field, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  When she is engaging her students in her subject matter, she couldn’t be happier.  She is a task master but is also a very caring instructor.  She goes the extra mile for her students.  She does all this with such grace and still makes sure she spends quality time with her husband and two children. 

- - - -

Our recipient did research in her field for fifteen years before she started her teaching career.  She started at Mercer as an adjunct instructor and just completed her ninth year on the full-time faculty.  She is the coordinator of two courses for non-majors and designed and teaches the very important Genetics course for Biology majors.  She has authored both research articles and articles abut teaching.  She remains current in her rapidly changing field.

Her commitment extends not only to students but to the college in general.  She authored a major chapter in our recent reaccreditation Self-Study.  For two years, she chaired a major committee in our governance structure (Instruction and Professional Improvement).  She serves on the Faculty Forum on Teaching and Learning and has served with distinction on her division personnel committee, the College Effectiveness Assessment Committee, the Information Literacy Task Force, and the General Education Review Committee.  She is on the Steering Committee for the NJ chapter of SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities), a project funded by the National Science Foundation.  This project displays not only her commitment to her students’ future marketability and civic involvement but also her concern with the interdisciplinary nature and viability of the sciences.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2005 goes to Associate Professor of Biology Laura Blinderman.