1. Title: Spotlight on Craig Coenen from the Virtual Bat Cave


You’ve got to check out Craig Coenen’s Spotlight! Craig explains that he knew from his childhood that history was his calling, although he has experienced an interesting twist as he managed to combine his love for sports with his love for history. Learn more about the faculty member who doubles as a sports announcer! Craig admits that he’s been dubbed a “goofy teacher who means business”, and has been known to have high energy classroom activities. Listen as Craig explains why it’s all worthwhile.

Check out Craig’s streaming video spotlight at http://teach.mccc.edu/html/Professor_Profile.htm . Then let him know that you’ve been watching him online at the Virtual BAT Cave! Congratulations, Craig!

2. Title: Put your course online and use the new system: ANGEL


Many of you have been asking about the process of delivering all or part of your course online. The real work of this process is twofold:

1. preparing the learning materials and processes that suit the online delivery

2. learning to use the software program that houses your materials and processes.

Stop by the BAT Cave and chat with Debbie to discuss the various approaches that are available to prepare your online presentations and activities (item 1). One very exciting tool

that can help you is SoftChalk. There are online just-in-time tutorials to get you started at http://teach.mccc.edu/html/softchalk.htm

If you’d like to learn how to use ANGEL (MCCC’s learning management system, item 2), then give the BAT Cave a call! We’ve built an online course to help interested faculty and staff members learn how to use the software while experiencing online learning firsthand. There are five training modules that make up this first training, and you may work your way through the activities at your own pace. Each participant is provided with his/her own practice course (Sandbox) and learning object repository.

The modules in this course are:

Module 0: Getting Started
Module 1: The Basics of Using ANGEL
Module 2: Content Management inANGEL
Module 3: Assessment in ANGEL
Module 4: Tracking Student Progress

RSVP to be enrolled: virtual.college@mccc.edu or 570-3551

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