Mercer County Community College

Human Relations Award – 2007


This year’s recipient of the MCCC Human Relations Award has earned the respect and appreciation of colleagues in several offices since starting at Mercer in the early 1990s.  She is extraordinarily good at maintaining a calm, pleasant demeanor in what is often a high-pressure environment.  Although colleagues from throughout the college regularly miss her requested deadlines, and often submit material that requires further editing, she treats each one with understanding and respect, focusing on completing the work at hand rather than criticizing or venting anger – which most of us would do in similar circumstances.

Our recipient is a private person, devoted to her family, yet genuinely interested in others.  She is often called on to manage a high volume of work with significant deadline pressure, yet always maintains an orderly and peaceful atmosphere in her work space.  For just under three years, she has been in one of our most public positions during some of our most turbulent times; she has patiently served and supported the college’s leadership team and the Board of Trustees, and has deftly and calmly handled an incredible range of inquiries from the public, the press, and the occasional unhappy student.

It gives me particular pleasure to present the Human Relations Award for 2007 to Diane Badessa, Executive Assistant to the President.