KAPPA DELTA PI is launching the ADOPT a BOOK Campaign


The international education honor society(ALPHA GAMMA TAU) on the Mercer county community college campus would like to donate the books from the Holocaust curriculum to the MCCC library and to neighboring schools.



From the NJ curriculum: A Message to Our Colleagues

As teachers we have committed ourselves to making a world of difference to our world made-up of differences. To do this, we need to teach beyond tolerance; we need to inculcate a spirit of respect. No child is born prejudiced. His prejudices are always acquired…the context of his learning is always the social structure in which his personality develops (Gordon Allport, 1954). We believe that the selections and suggestions crafted together in this curriculum guide, in the hands of a dedicated teacher, can be powerful tools toward building a more responsible, humane citizenry.

The lessons included in this collection are sensitive and appropriate for the primary grades K-4 although the individual teacher must exercise her/his best judgment regarding the readiness level of the students in any given year. Teachers will find endless opportunities to bring to their students a variety of lessons focused on building self-respect and respect for a diverse humanity.

We encourage you to remain committed to the teaching of the concepts of respect, tolerance, and a responsible, humane citizenship to the children. It is a commitment of the highest value - and of the greatest service to our community, our state, our nation, and our world. Most of all, it is a commitment to our children and to the future. We wish each of you well.

With our heartfelt best wishes,


Barbara Hadzima Karen H. Levine Molly Maffei Peppy Margolis Cheryl Riley

Cecile Seiden Colleen Tambuscio Regina Townsend Helen M. Simpkins




Please support us by selecting any book from this list and donating the book to the Kappa Delta Pi honor society. A name plate will be placed on the inside cover of the book on your behalf. Books can be dropped off in LA 122.











Stepping Stones: Lessons Recommended for Grades K-2 1


• Sneetches


• The Berenstein Bears New Neighbors


• Hats Off to Hair!


• The Colors of Us


• All Kinds of Children  


• Lovable Lyle


• A Pig Is Moving In!  


• Whoever You Are


• The Crayon Box That Talked


• Two Eyes, A Nose, and A Mouth


• Jingle Dancer


• Nadia's Hands  


• Island of Skog


• The Ugly Duckling


• Dumbo


• Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys  


Next Steps: Lessons Recommended for Grades 2-3


• The Keeping Quilt


• The Patchwork Quilt


• Different and Alike


• Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad


• Follow the Drinking Gourd  


• Freedom School, Yes


• The Legend of the Bluebonnet


• The Trail of Tears


• Escaping to America: A True Story


• The Hand-Me-Down Horse


• Yettele's Feathers


• The Feather-Bed Journey


Title Page


• Seven Brave Women


• Angel Child, Dragon Child


• The Dragon Kite


• Elijah's Angel  


• One Yellow Daffodil  


• Why Did It Happen? Helping Children Cope in a Violent World  


Stepping Along: Lessons Recommended for Grades K-4


• The Whole Human Race  


• At the Crossroads  


• Fly Away Home


• Cheyenne Again


• Mrs. Katz and Tush


• The Trees of the Dancing Goats


• Halmoni's Day  


• Dirt on Their Skirts


• The Legend of Freedom Hill  


• Be Good to Eddie Lee  


• Who Belongs Here?


• An Amish Christmas  


• Welcome Comfort  



Stepping Up: Lessons Recommended for Grades 2-4 & 3-4


• Peace Begins With You (Lesson and poem)  


• Coolies


• The Unbreakable Code  


• The Bobbin Girl


• Barefoot, Escape on the Underground Railroad


• Smoky Night  


• The Tie Man's Miracle


• The Night Crossing  


• A Picture Book of Anne Frank (two lessons)  


• Don't Forget  


• Baseball Saved Us


• The Bracelet


• Promise of a New Spring  


• Anne Frank


• Heroes  


• The Long March  


• This Land Is My Land


• When the Soldiers Were Gone  



• The Lily Cupboard  



• Star of Fear, Star of Hope


• Molly's Pilgrim


• The Hundred Dresses  


• The Most Beautiful Place in the World  


• The Point  


• The Red Balloon


Climbing Higher: Lessons Recommended for Grades 3-5 & 4-5  


• Flowers on the Wall  


• So Far from the Sea


• The Little Riders (Lesson and Reading)  


• The Gold Cadillac  


• Twenty and Ten


• The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate  


• Peacebound Trains  


• Amistad Rising  


• On the Long Trail Home


• Shin's Tricycle  


• Memories of My Life in a Polish Village 1930-1949 1


• Jacob's Rescue  


• The Shadow Children  


• Child of the Warsaw Ghetto  


• Rose Blanche  


Stepping Across the Grades: Lessons Recommended for Grades 3-6 & 3-8  


• Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story


• The Diving Bell (Lesson and Reading)  


• The Butterfly


• I Dream of Peace (Lesson and Poems)


• Fireflies in the Dark (Lesson and Reading)