Adjunct Faculty Dinner
April 5, 2006

Hospitality programs director Doug Fee congratulates baking instructor Rita Bohlumbohm (an MCCC alumna) on her students' desserts. Garde Manger students' creations graced the Fruit Sculpture station.
Doug Fee explained the Fruit Sculpture station to Pamela Price. Some of the crowd that enjoyed the meal.
Amanda Nixon and Cory Combs served Crab & Langoustine Martinis at the Salad Station. Lisa Dormevil served Iberian Shrimp to Joanne Maisto at the Fish Station, while Paul Beekman prepared the next batch.
Sandra McCurdy waited for Ursula Wiszowata and Nick Ignorato to dish out Pecan Crusted Duck Breast at the Duck Station. Dawn Ross and Sherley Mathelier showed off the sensational desserts at the Friandises Table.
At the Carving Station, Nick Meisberger slices Chili-Rubbed Pork Loin while Dan Affrime carves Roasted Bison Strip Loin (from a New Jersey bison farm). Former student Oz Livingston, left, who came back to volunteer, is shown with Prof. Chris dePagnier and part-time Teaching Assistant Rodney Wright.
Edna Funez, Robert Cassidy and Paulina Aleksander enjoyed some of the food that they helped to prepare. Student Nancy Manket pauses for a taste.
Amanda Cosma relaxes with Stacy Kim and Nick Ignorata. Student Tanya Santana helped with the clean-up.

Volunteer Pete Angelini enjoys a laugh.

Teaching Assistant Frank Benowitz arranged all purchasing for the event -- tastefully and under budget.

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