Advertising Students Design
for the NJ State Museum

The winning team chose the theme "Explore the Time Past." From left are Rosemary Wassef, Marketa Urbanova, Michael Alessi, Lindsay Morris and Patrick Kuhn.
Judging the competition, from left, were Nancy Crell, MCCC Graphic Designer Tracy Patterson, Diane Webster, Barbara Tapa, Margaret O'Reilly of the NJ State Museum and MCCC faculty member Tina LaPlaca.
"Travel through the crossroads of the past" was the theme of this group's work. From left are students Kelly Fleming, Tamara Griner, Justin Rossi, Margaret Thoresen and Annmarie Blaty.
Using the theme "Explore footprints through time" were, from left, Isabelle Ribers, Jessica Goodstein, Ana Galvis, Dan Virgil, Michael McNulty, Keith Berger and Anthony Coluccio.
Stacey Gentile, Amber Cortina, Stephanie Yim, Dana Bader worked with "Unlock the Elements of the Past."

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