African American History Month at MCCC
Opening Celebration
February 1, 2006

Vice President Mark McCormick opened the reception for African American History month.

Dean Diane Campbell said "These are good times and bad times. While many are prospering in America, some are losing hope." She told the story of her own family. Her mother traveled north on a bus from North Carolina after her father found employment in New Jersey. When the bus reached Washington D.C., "With me in her arms, she was able to move to a seat in the front of the bus... We can be proud today at MCCC because the doors are open. Think about how we celebrate our heritage, our culture, our lives in this country."

Student Rashaun Jones, co-president of the Student Activities Board, introduced Darrell Armstrong, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, who is chairman of the board of trustees for the National Association of Foster Children, a nonprofit organization. He is active in many other organizations including the NAACP and the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Minority Concerns.

Armstrong reserved a moment of silence for Coretta Scott King, who died Jan. 31. He cited many of the inspiring words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and talked about freedoms and how valuable they must be to all Americans. He spoke directly to our students "What kind of impact are you going to have in this world? You need to try to make things better.

"Do you want to live in a world where, when you see an injustice, someone stands up and challenges it?

"If you allow somebody else to be oppressed, you are also repressing yourself. To disrespect people who don't look like me is to disrespect me."

Danielle Garruba, director of Student Activities, delivered closing remarks and talked about the coming events planned for February. The event was coordinated by the Student Activities Office.

From left are Dean Diane Campbell, keynote speaker Darrell Armstrong, student Rashaun Jones, Director of Student Services, and Vice President Mark McCormick.
Darrell Armstrong, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.
Students listen.