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Youth College Learns from "Los Cimmarones"

Mercer County Community College's Youth College program partnered with the Omega Psi Phi Delta Upsilon’s Social Action Committee on February 25 for a festive and educational Black History Month event. About 150 students from the Gear Up, S.M.I.L.E. and Upward Bound Programs, and Youth College staff participated.


"Los Cimmarones," an Afro-Puerto Rican group, provided salsa, jazz, drum and dance. As they entertained, they also taught about the African resistance to slavery and how Africans used drum and dance to communicate throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America. Members of the audience were invited to participant in each of the dances.

According to Aula Maarufu Sumbry of Omega Psi Phi Delta Upsilon, "Cimmarones" is the Spanish word which was applied to Africans who escaped the slave plantations, went out into the hinterland and established highly functional communities which were successful in resisting attempts to re-enslave them.

MCCC's Youth College program, under the direction of Don Davis, served more than 1,400 Trenton shool district students in enrichment and college preparatory programs last year.



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