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MCCC Staff Recognized for Years of Service
Pictured with President Patricia Donohue and Board Chair William E. Coleman Jr.

For the full list of recipients click here.

Ten-year awardees include, from left, Kristen Callahan, Francis Paixao, Donna Penn, Rakima Stokes, Deborah Tolboom, Jane Westfall, Jessica Winters and Martin Crabtree.
Fifteen-year awardees include, from left, John Raimondi, Robert Estok, Raquel Hernancez, Glenn Smith, and Tina LaPlaca.
Twenty-year awardees include, from left, Jacqueline Dunn, Diane Hilker and Halina Monchak.
Twenty-five year award winners include, from left, Judith Ehresman, Lynn Holl, Joan Jones, Barbara Marx, Garry Perryman, Michele Rousseau and Maria Tazza.
Thirty-year awardees include, from left, Tony Bruzaitis, Donald Davis and Kathleen Gilbert.
Fred Weiner accepts his 40-year award.