The MCCC Staff Recognition Awards
May 19, 2009

The Assembly Band opened and closed the assembly. From left are Tim Fitzpatrick, Guy Generals, Ken Hunt and Walter Brooks.
40-year awardees are, second from right, Guy DeRosa, Edward Frederick and Arthur Schwartz, with President Donohue and Rev. William Coleman.
30-year awardees are Noreen Duncan and M. Kitty Getlik, pictured with President Patricia Donohue and Rev. William Coleman.
25-year awardees, from left, include John Wittmann, Maria Rodriguez, Michael Massa, Ruth Burchell, Mary McCormick and Joseph Blasenstein.
20-year awardees, from left, are Emmaline Marks, George Warner, Linda Ference, Cheryl Cosgrove, Khalida Haqq, Lynne Nelson, Priscilla Simpson, and Reggy Page.
15-year awardees, from left, are Jeffrey Weichert, James Kelly, Fran Davidson, Colleen Courtney, Antimo Cesaro and Sarah Barnes.
10-year awardees, from left, are Renee Walker, Andrea Lynch, LaTonya Ashford Ligon, Lorraine Dingle-Roberts, Alexandra Popescu, LeRoy Hawkins, Queen Okike, Winston Maddox, Denise Thacs, Rubin Joiner, Donald Vivian and James White.
Ruth Burchell, a 25-year awardee, was greeted with cheers. She celebrated her 89th birthday in March and always has a smile and good cheer for all in her work as an MCCC telephone operator.
College Assembly Co-Chair Ed Carmien put together an entertaining Power Point of success stories with assistance from Co-Chair Karen Bearce.

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