Phi Theta Kappa Students and Advisors
Attend Convention in Philadelphia

Submitted by the Phi Theta Kappa Advisors:

On April 1, four students, along with co-advisors Jennifer Nuechterlein and Karen Bearce, attended the 90th Annual International Convention of Phi Theta Kappa in Philadelphia, PA.

This marked the first international convention in many years for Mercer's chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Throughout the five-day event, the students were exposed to Phi Theta Kappa's hallmarks -- scholarship, service, leadership, and fellowship -- through hands-on educational forums, round table discussions, and general sessions with over 3,800 other Kappans from around the world. Their time spent networking, learning, and developing new ideas was invaluable. The advisors had the chance to participate in many similar events, while learning important tools in advising a successful chapter.

Several well-known and highly acclaimed speakers were present at the convention -- CNN International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour; International News Commentator and former Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin; political columnist George Will; and best-selling author Amy Tan ("The Joy Luck Club").

Additionally, one joint session of the convention was held in conjunction with the AACC convention (American Association of Community Colleges) so the students and advisors were joined by President Patricia Donohue during Amy Tan's speech.

On behalf of the entire Phi Theta Kappa chapter at MCCC, we would like to thank the college community for their generosity during our fundraising campaigns this year. You helped support our trip to the International Convention and it was truly well worth it!

The convention attendees included:

Jennifer Nuechterlein, Staff Advisor
Dr. Karen Bearce, Faculty Advisor
Laura Christiansen, Liberal Arts
Carolynne Lewis-Arevalo, Liberal Arts
Ronald Russell, Biology
Susana Sanchez, Biology

Enjoying the first general session of convention are, top row (L-R), faculty advisor, Dr. Karen Bearce, Carolynne Lewis-Arevalo, Ronald Russell, Laura Christiansen. Bottom row: staff advisor Jennifer Nuechterlein and Susana Sanchez.
The student attendees truly embraced the hallmark of 'Fellowship' at the convention.
Joined by President Patricia Donohue, the students and advisors celebrate the final night of the convention.

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