The James Kerney Campus
"Celebration of Academic Achievement" 2006

The four student speakers, representing each featured program, are, from left, Anyak Boul (English Language Institute), Georgette Reed (GED), Lucia Brown-Joseph (Careeer Training Institute) and Nyanda Kamara (credit program). Some of the Career Training Institute graduates as they lined up to enter the auditorium.
Enrollment Services staff member Reggie Grant graduates with an associate degree in Humanities and Social Science. He plans to continue his education. Some of the graduates of the Career Training Institute.
Anyak Boul, student speaker for the English Language Institute, arrived in the U.S. from Sudan in 2004. His entire family takes ELI classes at Mercer. Student speaker for credit programs was math graduate Nyanda Kamara, who came to the U.S. seven years ago from Sierra Leone. She has been accepted at several colleges and will be transferring for her bachelor's degree.
Acting President Tom Wilfrid addresses the assembly. Don Jones brought down the house with his medley of Luther Vandross songs.
Dr. DeForest Soaries' keynote address was enthusiastically received. Vice President Beverly Richardson addressing the students and families filling the hall.
Each student was called to the stage to receive congratulations from administrators and staff members. From left are Bob Estok, Tom Wilfrid, Don Jones and a graduate. Vice President Beverly Richardson congratulates a student.

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