May 10, 2006



To:      New Jersey Community Colleges-Dean of Students

           and Financial Aid Departments


From:  Nancy Stanlick


Re:      Research and Development Council of New Jersey
           2006-2007-Engineering/Technician Scholarships


Enclosed is a copy of a student application for the Research & Development Council of New Jersey’s 2006-2007 Engineering/Technician Scholarships. 

Every community college in the State of New Jersey will receive this

application and is asked to post the scholarship information within their schools.


Engineering or Scientific Technician Scholarships are awarded each year

by the R&D Council in the amount of $1,500 each. The student must be

enrolled in a two-year Community College with one full year (24-30 credits)

left to complete.


The scholarship is specifically for students in engineering/

science/technology related fields, and is awarded based on

academic achievement and financial need.


Last year, the R&D Council, through its member companies, awarded 13 scholarships to students in New Jersey’s community colleges.  The

scholarships were given to students at: Brookdale Community College, Camden

County College, County College of Morris, Cumberland County Community College, Gloucester County College, Mercer County Community College, Middlesex County College, Ocean County College and Warren County Community College.


All applications must be received by June 9, 2006 at which time the

Scholarship Committee of the Council will review them. Scholarships will be awarded in July.


For your convenience, I have enclosed a one-page information sheet for you to post as you see fit.  If you have any questions, please call me at the R&D Council’s Office at 973-627-5330