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IT Executive Joseph Flesch Calls MCCC the ‘Single Most Influential Experience’ in His Career and Personal Development


Joseph Flesch '87, principal and managing partner of Contemporary Software Concepts.

Flesch describes the benefits of Phi Theta Kappa to prospective students and their families at the Explore Mercer Open House in April. Flesch also presented a leadership development seminar earlier in the year.

West Windsor, N.J. – When Joseph Flesch III ’87 (A.S., Information Systems) was figuring out the steps to a career in information systems in the 1980s, the good buzz about Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC’s) Information Technology programs led the current software executive to MCCC in 1985.

Flesch says, “Mercer was the perfect school and circumstance to fast track what I was learning on the job and in the classroom into a career in the information technology and management consulting industries.”

Reflecting on his more than two decades in software and management consulting, Flesch maintains that MCCC and the professors who mentored him made the single biggest difference in his life.  “Everything that Mercer was able to offer me at a pivotal point in my personal life, my professional exploration and my college education shaped me into the person I am today,” Flesch said.

As the principal and managing partner of Contemporary Software Concepts (CSC) of New Jersey, Inc. with offices in Pennington and Fort Washington, Pa., Flesch provides executive leadership to a company that provides state-of-the-art data management solutions to various industries. “We help clients craft ‘big data’ solutions using innovative and cost-effective approaches,” Flesch explains. “We strive to eliminate re*dundant steps through integration technologies. The goal is to save clients a lot of time, improve their data quality, and help them gain strategic advantage from their data management and technology investments.”

Flesch notes that with technology’s ongoing evolution, companies struggle with older IT investments and disparate applications and/or data sources. “We find ways to bridge the gap between older and new technologies,” he said.

In 2016, Flesch was named a SmartCEO Philadelphia Executive Management Awardee, recognizing his leadership and accomplishments as a consultant to CEOs, business owners and senior executives. His clients have included The Vanguard Group, the Commonwealth of PA, Honeywell, the City of Philadelphia, OfficeMax and the State of New Jersey. He advises executives in public and private sector organizations of all sizes.

Prior to enrolling at Mercer in 1985, Flesch attended another community college and then spent two years as a computer science major at Montclair State University. Personal circumstances required that he move back home to Bordentown, where he landed several ground-floor jobs in the technology industry, an emerging and rapidly growing sector at the time.

Still interested in advancing to higher level IT positions, Flesch learned from his work colleagues that Mercer had solid programs in Information Systems. “I heard that Mercer professors were industry-experienced, and that they were thinking beyond traditional ways of using and applying information technology to business,” he recalls.

Flesch proved to be a top student, even while working two jobs and balancing responsibilities at home. He was inducted into the Mercer chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) National Honor Society and graduated in 1987.

Flesch gives the Mercer faculty high marks. “My Information Systems professor, Bert Magson, who was also my advisor, was the most impactful professor I ever had in college. He was a great professor in class and worked collaboratively with me as part of the internship portion of my degree. I never got a chance to go back and thank him for his contribution to my success,” Flesch says.

He also recalls an excellent accounting professor. “I was successful in that class even after struggling with the subject at my former community college,” he said.

Flesch’s MCCC connection extends to his wife, Stacy, who is also an MCCC alumna. She is an account executive and two-time President’s Club winner with S&P Global.

A resident of Hopewell Township, Flesch says the lessons he learned at Mercer included the importance of a high-value and practical education. It’s a belief he passed on to the couple’s two children, both of whom are successfully employed after completing their college degrees.

Flesch believe that those who achieve success should give back. And, as a continuing advocate for MCCC, he has been fulfilling his commitment to community service by serving as an advisor and mentor to Mercer’s PTK students.

This past year he created a LinkedIn group for MCCC's Alpha Theta Gamma chapter of PTK. He also presented a leadership development seminar for PTK students, where he shared some key messages from his own experience. “I always tell students not to give up on their dreams or anything worthwhile. Enjoy and take meaning from the journey and not just the intended destination. Know when to make adjustments along the way. And, always have grit. Most people don’t have it and by having it, you have a good chance of succeeding,” he says.

Flesh emphasizes that Mercer provides the opportunities and then it’s up to the students to make the most of them. “Mercer creates the environment that rewards those who work hard and ‘dig in’ to their education. Despite a more connected, complex and dynamic world than existed during my time at Mercer, the opportunities at Mercer are still huge and impactful.”


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