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Petition Process

Students who wish to enter the Professional Phase of the Medical Laboratory Technology Program must petition. Acceptance into the college does not guarantee admission into this second year. This process allows for the review of the courses you have completed to date in order to make sure that you meet the requirements of the program.

What are the requirements to petition?

  • Date of matriculation
    • This date is created after you apply to MCCC and when you first begin taking courses towards earning the A.A.S. Degree.
  • Completion of all required pre-professional courses
    • Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all general education, science and mathematics courses within two attempts.
    • Cumulative Mercer GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Beginning with the 2018 open petition period, students' transferring credit from other institutions will have their GPA considered. Students must have completed one course through MCCC in order to establish themselves (matriculate) except for those students who are transferring from schools with whom we have a 1+1 articulation contract with.
    • Students are selected based on a competitive point system that looks at matriculation date at MCCC, the completion of prerequisite courses with a C or better within 2 attempts, and the GPA.
      • Example of the Point Score Worksheet (pdf)
        • The above document is NOT the official Petition Form. This is a resource that you can use to understand how you well you will rank against other MLT applicants. Students will need to complete this Prerequisite Grid portion on the official petition form by filling in the year a prerequisite course was taken and the grade earned for that course. The courses must have been completed within the course expiration timeframe and the grade for the course must be higher than the minimum standard. Students who are still completing courses in the Spring Semester will list that course as being In-Progress (IP). It will not count towards the calculation of the GPA and points cannot be awarded for that course.
          • Points are ranked out of a score of 100.
    • Students who have completed all mathematics and science courses required in the preprofessional phase of the program will be accepted first. Students who are currently finishing up their prerequisite requirements, especially their mathematics and science courses will be considered next. All are welcome to petition.
      • If 2 or more students meet the same above listed criteria admission will be to the student with the higher GPA.
When is the petition period?
Petitions are accepted beginning February 1st and they must be returned by February 28th.

Where can I obtain a petition form?
This from will become available on this website beginning January 31st. An email will also be sent out to all students who are registered as an MLT major in pre-petition status.

Who do I return the completed form to?
Please follow the directions on the form.

How many students are accepted in to MLT Professional Phase?
Currently, the class is limited by the number of clinical opportunities. We aim to accept between 16-20 students a year.

When will I be notified of admission into the program?
All students who petition will be be notified of their status for admission into the class by the beginning of April.

Is there anything else I should know before thinking about petitioning into the program?
Please keep in mind that if accepted into the Professional Phase of the program, students will need to:

  • Submit a completed Physical Health and Immunization record
    • Proof of overall good health and immunization against Hepatitis B (three immunizations),Varicella, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and Diphtheria/Tetanus, as well as have a chest x-ray, Quantiferon Gold or 2 Step TB skin test for Tuberculosis.
  • Complete of a Criminal Background check
  • Participate in Drug Screening

If you have any questions please contact:

Program Coordinator, Medical Laboratory Technology
MS 156
(609) 570-3387


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