Medical Laboratory Technology Program
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The curriculum is designed as a career program providing the students with entry-level competencies affording immediate employment opportunities. Students can advance their education by transferring credits to related baccalaureate programs.

The Medical Laboratory Technology Program is offered in two (2) phases:

Pre-Professional Phase (MLT Science Program #26310)
The pre-professional (or first) year of the Medical Laboratory Technology Program focuses on the criteria for official program admission, including courses in general education, mathematics, and sciences. All of these courses may be taken in day or evening classes. Equivalent course credits may be transferred from other colleges with transcript evaluation. For information/questions on the pre-professional phase of the MLT Program, Please contact Cindy Matyas, M.Ed., Health Professions Coordinator at (609) 570-3596, office MS146 or via email at

All science courses must be taken within the past five (5) years.

All general courses must have been completed within the past ten (10) years.

Professional Phase (MLT Program #26300)
Upon completion of the pre-requisite general education, mathematics and science courses, students will petition to enter the professional phase of the program. The professional phase of the program begins at the end of May in summer session "A", is 14 months in duration, and is scheduled as full-time daytime classes with a structured progression of courses in the curriculum.

MLT 215: Clinical Practice is offered as the terminal course in the curriculum in which students are assigned to 720 hours of clinical experience offered as an 18 week, 5 days/week, 8 hours/day daytime assignment for their clinical education. The clinical course offers competency based instruction under the supervision of laboratory professionals. Students are evaluated in each clinical department for their clinical skills, application of knowledge, and professional behaviors and attributes. This experience is coordinated by the MLT faculty in collaboration with contractual agreement with ten (10) affiliated medical center laboratories. This course begins mid-spring semester and continues through the summer session ending in July.

Students are assigned by the program coordinator to one of the clinical sites for the 18-week course. Students must be willing to accept assignment and be prepared to provide their own transportation to their assigned site.

Please click here to see the Course Listings in a PDF format:


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