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MCCC e-Mail Policy  |  Use of Technology Policy

MCCC e-Mail Use Policy

Reason for Policy
1. To ensure that faculty, staff and students use electronic mail (email) resources in a manner consistent with furthering the Collegeís mission and goals;
2. To assist faculty and staff to recognize that email is a form of college records, and to determine what information sent or received via email should be retained and for how long; and
3. To establish acceptable safeguarding practices to ensure the integrity, availability, and usability of email systems on campus.

Policy Statement
A. The College offers and encourages the use of email services in support of its mission, including the administrative functions that support this mission. All users of college email services must conform to this policy.

B. Any use of email services that interferes with the college mission, activities and functions or does not respect the image and reputation of the College is improper and thereby prohibited. In addition, the following specific actions and use of email are improper and strictly prohibited:

  1. The creation and exchange of messages or file attachments that are illegal or in violation of college policies or guidelines.
  2. The conveyance of privileged, confidential or sensitive information to unauthorized persons.
  3. The creation and exchange of advertisements, solicitations, chain letters, or other spam.
  4. Use of email for commercial, political or private business purposes.
  5. The creation, storage or exchange of information in violation of copyright laws.
  6. Reading or sending messages from another personís account, except under proper delegate arrangements.
  7. Accessing another personís email messages without proper authorization or business purpose.
  8. Copying or forwarding messages from another user, which have been altered in such a way as to change the intent of the author.
  9. Sending emails or attached files that exceed the maximum authorized email file size.
  10. Maintaining a mail box that exceeds the maximum authorized email box size.
  11. Sending a broadcast email to more than the authorized number of non-college employee recipients without prior approval. Note that broadcast email is different than the use of listserve technologies.

C. College email services may be used for incidental personal non-college purposes provided such use is reasonable and does not interfere with college business.

D. As a resource of the college, all email accounts, and content stored within, are the property of the College.

E. Email users are required to comply with state and federal law, college policies, and normal standards of professional and personal courtesy and conduct. Access to email services is a privilege that may be partially or wholly restricted by the College without prior notice and without consent of the affected email user under the following circumstances:

  1. When required by or consistent with applicable law or college policy;
  2. Upon reasonable suspicion that violations of applicable law or college policies have occurred or may occur; and/or
  3. When required to meet time-dependent, critical operational needs.

F. Network and email accounts may be monitored for legitimate business reasons, including compliance with this policy, as well as with any applicable laws.

G. Email users are responsible for safeguarding their identification codes and passwords, and for using them only as authorized.

H. Email records should be retained in accordance with the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule issued by the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Archives and Records Management (see OMB692). The President shall designate a college official for ensuring college-wide compliance with this Schedule.

I. This policy applies to all users of email services provided, owned, or funded in part or in whole by the College and all college email records in the possession of or generated by college employees and other users of email services provided by the College, regardless whether the records were generated on college or non-college owned computers.

J. Violations to this policy should be confidentially reported to the unit supervisor. Willful violations will result in staff or student disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, referral to law enforcement agencies, or other appropriate legal action.

Approved: Board of Trustees
September 21, 2006

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