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Start-up Process

All firms in the Mercer network are corporations (not proprietorships or partnerships). To become an "official" practice firm in Mercer County Community College's IBPF network, you will need to complete the learning associated with the following four start-up forms and then email the forms to CSBS at Your instructor will supply you with the forms. The start-up forms are (1) the network enrollment form, (2) the certificate of incorporation form, (3) the application for EIN number form, and (4) the agreement on operating expenses form. To view a sample of each form, click on the links below.

Network Enrollment Form (sample form)

Learn about Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation Form (sample form)

Learn about Application for EIN Number
Application for EIN Number Form(sample form)

Learn about Agreement on Operating Expenses
Agreement on Operating Expenses Form (sample form)