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CSBS Market

The Center provides the macroeconomic functions needed by the firm to operate in a self-contained simulated economy (supplies, rent, product, freight, etc.). Your Accounting Department employees will pay the Center for these items on a timely/recurring basis.

Once you have completed and submitted your Agreement on Operating Expenses form and have set up your firm and employee accounts, you will then need to set up CSBS as a "payee" in your firm account in order to "pay" the Center for these items (ex. rent, utilities).

Set up the following accounts for payment to CSBS:
YOUR SUPPLIER (if you purchase your product from CSBS) #610043714
GOVT PAYMENTS (payroll taxes, income tax, etc.) #610043706
LANDLORD FEES #610043692

CSBS will act as your vendor to help you stock your firm inventory. Visit the CSBS Marketplace to purchase your product(s) online. You will be issued an invoice for the inventory you requested. This invoice also acts as your "goods received". After receipt of your invoice (and "goods"), promptly make payment to CSBS.

At your request, CSBS will "buy back" any unused inventory at the end of your academic semester/year. Contact CSBS with this request.