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Welcome to the Business Practice Firm network! You are part of a growing network of practice firms. Currently, there are 38 practice firms in 28 schools in 13 states in Mercer's network.

To incorporate your firm, you will need to complete the learning in each of the following areas (and then complete and submit the corresponding start-up forms to the Center): enrollment, certificate of incorporation, application for employer identification number, and agreement on operating expenses. Your instructor will make these forms available to you along with directions.

To assist you in communicating with other BPFs in the Mercer network, an email address has been set up for student-to-student communication where you can send introductory messages about your firm, send flyers describing your product line, send surveys for fellow IBPF employees to complete, etc. The email address to use for this is As a network member, the Center will subscribe you to this list. Other BPFs will be able to contact you via this email address, also.