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PEN International

PEN International is the international organization that was set up to support, coordinate and develop services for all practice firms. PEN International's objectives are to:

  • Facilitate exchange of information
  • Provide innovative training tools to its members
  • Promote the practice firm concept
  • Represent its members at different government levels

The PEN International Database

PEN International is a worldwide network of practice firms with approximately 4,000 practice firms in over 37 countries worldwide.

Your membership in Mercer's network will enable you to have password-protected access to the PEN International database of information for the purpose of trading with other BPFs. This database information includes firm name, mailing address, phone, fax, email and webpage data, type of product/service offered as well as bank affiliation, bank name, and bank account numbers. (Also, as a network member, your BPF contact information and bank information will be entered into this database so that other BPFs can contact your firm for trading purposes).

An online version of PEN International offers contact information. Using Internet Explorer, you can visit the online site at The network password is mccc (case sensitive).

Trade Fair information will also be available should you and your students choose to take part in a virtual trade fair (held on a yearly basis in many countries.