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New Network-wide Email System:
Implementation 2012-2013

We are now part of a proprietary email application connecting the entire virtual practice firm US Network. It was developed by VEI (Virtual Enterprises International), beta tested in the New York network in January 2012, and passed all tests. The roll-out for the rest of the US Network commences July 1, 2012.

This application is not limited to use by firms within the VE network, but is a complete application with all the bells and whistles of Outlook, AOL, GMAIL, YAHOO mail, etc., but without the frills or advertising, and has full internet communication ability. Due to the nature of the application, VEI provides one email account per firm. This account should be monitored on an ongoing basis by the coordinator to make sure that the system is used in accordance with necessary protocols of proper use. Improper use of the system may result in removal of the email account from the network. This application is only available to firms participating in the US Network of Virtual Enterprises.

Helpful Information:

Introduction to the New Email System

User interface (login page):

Email Users Guide

How to change your email address (ie: changing your username)

Technical Support: