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CSBS Network Educators

As an educator in the IBPF program supported by Mercer County Community College, you have many options and resources available. You can set your own timeline and goals and activities for your particular group of students all while keeping within the framework of Mercer's network.

The Center for Simulated Business Services (also known as CSBS or the Center) will guide and support your efforts during planning and implementation. After that, CSBS will continue to assist you with curriculum, teaching techniques and tips as well as provide the firm with all of the macro-economic functions needed to successfully operate a business in the simulated economy. This information, along with the information in the BPF training manual (available as part of Mercer's BPF training program), offers the educator a wealth of ideas and information that can be readily adapted to the goals you set for each group of students in your particular school environment.

To assist Mercer network members with BPF questions, a Help Line is available throughout the academic year. Email messages directed to the Center at will receive prompt, professional responses. Student questions should be directed to

Also, you will have two separate email addresses available for intra-network communication. The address to use for teacher-to-teacher or CSBS-to-teacher communication is The address to use for student-to-student messages is As a member, we will subscribe you to these lists.