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Program Framework

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Getting Started

The Curriculum

The BPF model is flexible, offering many possibilities for curricula at the secondary and post-secondary levels. The model can be used as a capstone course, as part of an entrepreneurship program of study or as a vehicle for adult re-training, to offer just a few examples. In addition, the business can be domestic and/or international.

In designing the curriculum for a particular level, the following questions need to be answered:

Where does this course fit into the curriculum? Does it fit?
  • capstone experience
  • management
  • international business
  • introduction to business
What is the minimum/maximum number of students?
  • size of facility
  • purpose of program
  • student background/skills
  • institution/district requirements
What staffing is required?
  • skilled professional
  • team teaching
  • facilitator
  • experience in teaching/learning
What type of facility and equipment will be needed?
  • dedicated or shared room
  • existing computer lab
  • computers
  • complimentary office equipment (i.e., fax, copier)
  • internet access
What operational procedures must be considered?
  • grade level
  • prerequisites
  • hours per week
  • length of time
  • learning objectives
  • number of credits
What type of company?
  • wholesale
  • retail
  • service
  • domestic/international
What is the organization of the firm?
  • legal form of business (corporation)
  • service or product
  • number of students/employees
Who will be the partner firm?
  • local company
  • product or service
  • size of company
  • international or domestic
  • board of directors