Medical Laboratory Technology Program
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Energy Utility Program Enrollment Requirements:

Since completion of the EUT degree includes two paid internships at a utility company ( usually PSEG ) the following are required:

  • Be a high school graduate and present supporting Documents
  • Possess a valid NJ Drivers license
  • Complete all pre-requisite courses*
  • Sign a letter of agreement
  • Provide a background check, including but not limited to criminal, driving and financial history. Cost to you approximately $115
  • Be a US Citizen or possess a "green" card

*This is what you need to do in order to be eligible to start the EUT training courses
( UTI 101, UTI 102, and UTI 103 ) at PSEG:

Energy Utility Program #1 Pass with a "C" or better: ENG101, MAT 115, EET130

#2 When you have done this you may take the eligibility test.

#3 When you are ready to start the training courses you will be required to sign a letter of agreement and provide an approved background check before starting the UTI102 and UTI103 classes.

While you are preparing for the above you may take any other courses in the curriculum including UTI 111

To get started in the EUT program you should:

Complete the MCCC enrollment application indicating EUT as your program of study. Then have transcripts sent from any previous colleges you attended.

Once you have obtained a student ID and have completed the basic skills test you should contact Prof. DeFino 609-570-3456 to schedule an appointment for an interview. At that time you will be advised as to which waiting list you will be put on.

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