Credit Courses

(POL) Political Science

General Education course Social Science
POL 101 - The American Political System (3 credits)
Introduction to the basic structures of the United States national government and political processes with a view toward helping the student better understand current issues and policies. Topics include the Constitution, national-state relations and powers, the legislative and judicial processes, elections, and the activities of interest groups. 3 lecture hours
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General Education course Social Science
POL 102 - State and Local Government (3 credits)
Analysis of the structure and processes of state and local groups, parties and candidates. Examination of current events and trends in modern politics further enhances awareness of the nature, strengths and weaknesses of government. 3 lecture hours
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General Education course Social Science / Diversity and Global Perspective
POL 201 - International Relations (3 credits)
A broad-based survey of international relations using a variety of theoretical perspectives that allow students to better understand and analyze current and past international behavior. Concepts include balance of power, economic interaction, diplomacy, the role of international organizations, leadership styles, and public policymaking in the international context. 3 lecture hours
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POL 203 - Law and Society (3 credits)
Explains the interaction of American law and society and the influence of legal doctrine and thought on broad trends in society with an emphasis on the role of the Supreme Court in American life. Examines recent major Supreme Court decisions. [occasional offering] 3 lecture hours

POL 205 - Constitutional Law (3 credits)
Introduces the principles of U.S. constitutional law including the constitutional basis for the federal system: powers of national government; the rights against national and state government; and the process of judicial review and the role of constitutional interpretation. 3 lecture hours
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