Credit Courses

(MLT) Medical Laboratory Technology

The minimum passing grade for all MLT courses is C.

MLT 112 - Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology (3 credits)
Prerequisite: BIO 102 or BIO 104 or permission of instructor
Basic principles, techniques and vocabulary applicable to medical laboratory technology. Emphasizes specimen collection and preservation; urinalysis and clinical microscopy; phlebotomy; introduction to serology; and lab information systems. The lab component develops laboratory skills related to lecture topics. 2 lecture/3 laboratory hours

MLT 200 - Clinical Chemistry (4 credits)
Prerequisite: MLT 112 or permission of instructor
Basic principles and theory of biochemical and analytical tests and procedures used in the analysis of clinical specimens. Emphasizes the correlation of specimen processing as well as analysis of test results and quality control data in routine manual and automated clinical chemistry procedures. 4 lecture hours
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MLT 207 - Clinical Immunohematology (4 credits)
Prerequisite: MLT 112 or permission of instructor
Basic theory and concepts of antigen-antibody reactions. Covers relationship of infection and immunity; theory of blood group antigens and their inheritance; and methods of performing donor selection, blood groupings, compatibility tests, and antibody screening. 3 lecture/3 laboratory hours
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MLT 212 - Clinical Hematology (4 credits)
Prerequisite: MLT 112 or permission of instructor
Examines hematology and blood coagulation, including blood cell maturation, physiology, and morphology; hemostasis theory and procedures. Laboratory component develops skills used in the performance of hematology and coagulation lab analysis. 3 lecture/3 laboratory hours
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MLT 214 - Clinical Microbiology (6 credits)
Prerequisite: MLT 200 or permission of instructor
Principles and methods used in clinical microbiology including isolation, identification, and antibiotic susceptibility testing of pathogenic bacteria. Introduction to medical parasitology, mycology and virology. Laboratory component develops the technical and critical thinking skills used to evaluate clinical microbiology specimens. 5 lecture/3 laboratory hours
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MLT 215 - Clinical Practice (10 credits)
Prerequisite: MLT 214 or permission of instructor
Clinical practice in an affiliated facility under the direction and supervision of laboratory educators. Students conduct routine analytical procedures, develop their laboratory skills, apply knowledge gained in the program, and demonstrate entry-level career competencies. 720 clinical hours
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