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(IST) Information Systems Technology

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Note: Students should consult their academic advisor and the college or university to which they intend to transfer regarding information technology course requirements. The receiving institution always makes the final decision concerning transferability of credits.

IST 033 - Tech Studio (2 credits)
Prerequisite: instructor or advisor permission
An introductory computer technology course for students who have had little or no exposure to computers. Topics include the basics of Windows, the Internet, word processing, multi-media, and e-mail. Students create a Web-based ePortfolio to showcase their coursework. 1 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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General Education course Technology
IST 101 - Computer Concepts with Applications (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENG 033
Corequisite: MAT 037 (or MAT 037A and 037B)
Software Requirements: Office 2016 or Office 365 (free from MCCC), MyITLab, Alice (free from
Hardware Requirements: latest operating system for PCs, desktops, and Mac computers; Mac users may experience some compatibility issues with MyITLab Grader Projects
Addresses computer literacy involving hardware, software (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as programming using object-oriented Alice software), networking, databases, information literacy, and ethical aspects of technology. Students learn to develop APA research papers based on current information technology topics. Lab time includes exposure to popular operating systems, Web searching, and cloud-based software. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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General Education course Technology
IST 102 - Computer Concepts with Programming (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ENG 034; MAT 037 (or MAT 037A and 037B) or equivalent proficiency
An introduction to computer literacy including a programming laboratory. Lectures cover the Internet; software; system components; peripherals; communications; databases; security, ethics, and privacy; programming languages; and enterprise computing. The laboratory covers forms, menus, decisions, loops, arrays, searching, the user interface, and database programming with Java. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 107 - Introduction to C/C++ Programming (3 credits)
Corequisites: proficiency in basic algebra, MAT 037 (or MAT 037A and 037B)
By programming to solve problems in C/C++, students gain an appreciation for the role that computers and programs play in today's society. Topics include programming in a traditional environment, variables, methods, decisions, repetition, arrays, and object-orient programming. Extensive laboratory exercises reinforce lecture concepts. 1 lecture/4 laboratory hours
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IST 108 - Introduction to Programming with Mobile Application Development (4 credits)
Prerequisite: MAT 037 or MAT 042 or proficiency in basic algebra
Introduces computing and programming concepts, and explores mobile and Web technologies. Topics include variables, decision-making, iteration, lists, functions, decomposition, event-driven programming, databases, client-server computing, Web services, platforms, programming languages, animation, texting, and geolocation. Students learn by creating Android mobile applications using App Inventor, a visual programming language. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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General Education course Technology
IST 109 - Introduction to Programming (3 credits)
Prerequisites: proficiency in basic algebra, MAT 037 (or MAT 037A and 037B)
Introduces fundamental programming structure, tools and documentation, including how to design interfaces and develop Task Object Event (TOE) and Object Properties and Settings charts, hierarchy charts, pseudocode, and flowcharts. Problem-solving techniques and program design using logic control structures of sequence, selection, iteration, arrays, and sequential files are emphasized in laboratory exercises using VB.NET. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 123 - Programming in Visual Basic.NET (3 credits)
Prerequisite: IST 109
Overview of Visual Basic.NET language to create event-driven programming applications to be run in a Windows environment. Develops object-oriented solutions for a variety of problems in personal and business computing. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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General Education course Technology
IST 140 - The Internet and Computer Technology (3 credits)
Prerequisite: computer literacy
Introduction to Internet technology and the use of the World Wide Web as a tool. Topics include Internet and Web history, client-server networks, Web browsers, search engines and queries, multimedia, electronic commerce, social networking utilities, electronic mail, and computer security. Students design a Web page using HTML. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 144 - Website Development (4 credits)
Introduces website development skills. Thorough examination of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) includes navigations, tables, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), images, audios, videos, and forms. Students learn the latest Web design and development technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 208 - Android Application Development (4 credits)
Prerequisite: COS 102 or equivalent
Teaches how to develop applications for Android devices using Java programming language along with the Android SDK. Students learn how to apply Java and object-oriented technology to mobile application development. Doing real projects within the Eclipse integrated development environment further advances practical programming knowledge and skills. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 209 - Project Management Concepts (3 credits)
Cultivates strategies to orchestrate carefully designed action plans to complete projects successfully, often incorporating complex, dynamic and changing requirements. Explores the management of technology, people, and change to achieve goals, reach targets, and deliver the project on time and within budget. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 218 - iOS Application Development (4 credits)
Prerequisite: COS 102 or equivalent
Introduces the tools and skills needed to create apps for iPhone and iPad. Students learn the Swift programming language and use it with Xcode 6 to create apps on the iOS 8 platform. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 222 - PL/SQL Programming (3 credits)
Prerequisites: IST 123, IST 262
Incorporates programming, problem solving, programming logic, and design techniques. Students acquire advanced programming skills such as accessing and updating data in a relational database and developing applications using PL/SQL. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours

IST 244 - Web Application Development (4 credits)
Prerequisites: IST 108, IST 109, IST 144; or COS 101, COS 102; or DMA 145 or equivalent
Introduction to server-side programming and database integration contributes to the creation of dynamic and interactive Web applications. Primary programming languages and technologies covered include ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, and MVC (Models, Views and Controllers) programming model. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 250 - Decision Support Using MS Excel (4 credits)
Prerequisites: IST 102, IST 109, IST 123
Techniques for building complete Excel-based decision support systems in a highly accessible manner. Topics include referencing and names, functions and formulas, charts, pivot tables, macros, programming structures, building user interfaces, and VBA for optimization and simulation. The extended functionality topics include statistical analysis, the Solver and modeling, simulation, and working with large datasets. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 251 - Management of Computer Technology (3 credits)
Prerequisite: completion of 30 credits toward Information Systems or Information Technology program
Explores solutions to the challenges facing a typical computer technology manager, including project life-cycles, security, access, end-user computing, project planning, scheduling, staffing, employee development, and external threats to private computers. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 253 - Database Concepts (3 credits)
Prerequisite: IST 102 or IST 109
Covers relational database technology and how to apply it in solving basic and advanced database problems and cases. Provides the foundation for the advanced study of individual database management systems, electronic commerce, and enterprise computing. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 256 - Systems Analysis (3 credits)
An introduction to systems analysis and design, including analyzing the business case, requirements modeling, and development strategies. Additionally covers output and user interface design, data design, systems architecture and implementation, and systems operation, support, and security. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 259 - Project Management (4 credits)
How to select, initiate, operate, and control all types of projects, including how to manage risks and uncertainties. Equips students with the quantitative skills, knowledge of organizational issues, and insights into human behavior that are needed for effective project management. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 260 - SQL Server Database Design (4 credits)
Covers user-defined functions and constraints, database methodologies including OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) issues, and SQL Server. Additionally covers the relational database model, normalization issues, and ensuring data integrity through the use of views, triggers, and stored procedures. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 261 - SQL Server System Administration (4 credits)
Prerequisite: IST 260
Covers the concepts and skills required for support of SQL Server and Microsoft Certified Database Administration (MCDBA) certification: backing up and restoring databases, setting up and managing users, managing database security, managing the replication environment, tuning the database system, and troubleshooting any problems that arise. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 262 - Oracle SQL (4 credits)
Prerequisite: IST 109
Introduces Oracle services, including writing SQL statements, creating databases, manipulating data and tables, working with log files, and performing general database administration. Assists students with preparing for series of examinations leading to the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Certificate. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 263 - Database Administration I (4 credits)
Prerequisite: IST 262
Addresses Oracle Database software installation along with new database creation and administration. Students configure the database to support an application, create users, define storage structures, set up security, design a backup and recovery strategy, and monitor the database to ensure its smooth operation. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 264 - Database Administration II (4 credits)
Prerequisite: IST 263
Combines training, experience, and testing to ensure a strong foundation and expertise in the industry's most advanced database management system. Focus includes an Oracle database configuration for multilingual applications, the Oracle Recovery Management and Flashback technology, and database performance monitoring tools. 3 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 265 - Database Cloud Computing Concept (3 credits)
Prerequisites: IST 109, IST 253
Corequisites: IST 262
Teaches database deployment using cloud platforms to program and administer databases in a variety of cloud computing scenarios while managing the platform for scalability, troubleshooting performance issues, and implementing strong security. 2 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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IST 298 - Information Systems Cooperative Education (2 credits)
Prerequisite: final course for degree in Information Technology
Integration of classroom study with specific planned period of learning through job experience. Based on an individualized learning contract. 180 work experience hours

IST 281 - Information Systems Cooperative Education I (1 credit)
IST 282 - Information Systems Cooperative Education II (1 credit)
IST 283 - Information Systems Cooperative Education III (1 credit)
Prerequisite: IST 298
Continuation of IST 298. The student earns one credit for a minimum of 90 hours of work experience for each course. 90 work experience hours