Credit Courses

(FIR) Fire Science

FIR 101 - Introduction to Fire Science (3 credits)
History and philosophy of fire protection and prevention involves a survey of equipment, tactics, building construction, extinguishing agents, hazardous materials, and fire department organization. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 104 - Building Construction (3 credits)
Examination of building design and construction with emphasis on fire protection and life safety. Review of pertinent standards and codes. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 107 - Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement I (5 credits)
History, theory, and practice of fire prevention and code enforcement. Covers relevant codes, recognition of fire hazards, and implementation of an inspection program. Meets 90-hour requirement to sit for the Fire Inspector Prevention I examination leading to certification as a Fire Inspector in New Jersey. 4 lecture/2 laboratory hours
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FIR 201 - Hazardous Materials (3 credits)
Prerequisite: CHE 100 or equivalent background
Study of basic fire chemistry relating to the categories of hazardous materials including problems of recognition, reactivity, and health encountered by firefighters. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 202 - Water Supply for Fire Protection (3 credits)
Explores water supply storage and distribution as well as efficient use of water at the fire scene. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 203 - Fire Protection Systems (3 credits)
Study of various automatic detection and signaling devices and systems, automatic sprinklers, standpipes, and special extinguishing installations. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 204 - Fire Fighting Tactics (3 credits)
Examines pre-fire planning, fire ground organization and problem-solving, and proper utilization of manpower and equipment. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 205 - Fire Department Organization (3 credits)
Study of the history, methods, types, and principles of fire department organization and management. Emphasizes supervisory responsibilities and functions. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 206 - Fire Investigation (3 credits)
Provides the fundamental and technical knowledge needed for proper fire scene interpretations, including recognizing and conducting origin and cause, preservation of evidence and documentation, scene security, motives of the firesetter, and types of fire causes. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 208 - Fire Department Safety and Health Administration (3 credits)
Develops an understanding of fire service safety and risk management programs including fire service requirements, compliance with OSHA regulations, national consensus standards, and NFPA 1500. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 209 - Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement II (3 credits)
Prerequisite: FIR 107
Examines duties of the fire official, legal aspects, and coordination with other governmental agencies. Topics include fire code administration, principles of personnel management, records management, variances, penalties, and enforcement procedures. Approved by the New Jersey Bureau of Fire Safety toward Fire Official certification pursuant to the Uniform Fire Safety Act. 3 lecture hours
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FIR 211 - Fire Investigation II (3 credits)
Prerequisite: FIR 206
Provides advanced technical knowledge on rule of law, fire scene analysis, fire behavior, evidence collection and preservation, scene documentation, case preparation and courtroom testimony. 3 lecture hours
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