Mercer County Community College
Summer Sports Camps


PRINT this form.  After completing and signing it, mail
with full payment and a completed medical form to:
  Athletics Department
Mercer County Community College
PO Box 17202
Trenton, NJ 08690

Last Name: First Name:
Date of Birth: Age:
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T-Shirt Size:     Small    Medium    Large Ball Size (Soccer Camp Only)    #4    #5
Ball Size (Basketball Camp Only)    Adult Size _____   Girls/Youth (28.5)    Boys (30.0)

Mark your SELECTION(S) for the desired sport(s) and dates...
Sport Dates Section Cost SELECT
Basketball (ages 6-13) CO-ED June 24-28   $280
July 1,2,3,5   $230
July 8-12   $280
July 22-26   $280
July 29 - August 2   $280
August 5-9   $280
Field Hockey (ages 6-13) CO-ED July 1,2,3,5   $230
Soccer (ages 6-13) CO-ED June 17-21   $280
June 24-28   $280
July 22-26   $280
Sports Fitness & Readiness (ages 6-13) CO-ED June 17-21   $280
July 8-12   $280
July 15-19   $280
July 22-26   $280
Tennis (ages 6-13) CO-ED June 17-21   $280
June 24-28   $280
July 1,2,3,5   $230
July 8-12   $280
July 15-19   $280
Total # of Camps Selected: Total $ Enlosed: $
DISCOUNTS: 10% off each additional child per week; Register for 8 weeks, 1 week FREE

Please Select Payment Method
Check or Money Order payable to MCCC Athletics
Please write Camper's Name on top of check. DO NOT SEND CASH.
Charge to: ____ Visa
____ Mastercard
____ American Express
____ Discover
Card Number:

CVV2 Number:
(3-digit number on back of card)
Expiration Date
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Charge Amount

I am aware that locker facilities are available and that campers must bring their own locks or be prepared to carry all items. Participants of optional swimming from 3 to 3:30 p.m. daily are required to bring their own locks. Mercer County Community College is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. In addition, for Golf & Tennis Camp, and all other camps that incur inclement weather, I give Mercer County Community College permission to transport my child by bus to an indoor facility off campus property by a licensed school bus company, under the supervision of directors and counselors.
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Questions? E-mail or call (609) 570-3779.