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This program is fully accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE).

The Montessori Teacher Training Institute of Mercer County Community College is offering a unique opportunity to explore and receive certification in the Montessori method of teaching. Future educators will become fully prepared to teach young learners with an interest and excitement that is important during the sensitive developmental stages. By utilizing the complete Montessori curriculum, instructors will be well-versed in how to meet the many needs of young children in this new day and age of alternative learning methods.


Who should attend:

      •     Montessori teachers or assistant teachers who are not certified

      •     Educators who wish to learn and become certified in the Montessori method of teaching

      •     Those considering a career in Montessori education with opportunities in every state and throughout the world

      •     Individuals who wish to further their understanding of child development and successful alternative teaching



All classes meet in Plainsboro, New Jersey at Montessori Corner School, 666 Plainsboro Road #2100 or Montessori Country Day School, 72 Grovers Mill Road.

Application Information

Downloadable Forms:

MTTI MCCC 2013-14 Form Application Policies

MTTI MCCC 2013-14 Form Application FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

MTTI MCCC 2013-14 Form Application for Early Childhood Montessori Teacher

Schedule Montessori 2014-2014


To earn a certificate, you must complete the following courses and practicum hours.  You may begin with Module I, II, III, or IV.  For the practicum, you must finish all four Modules and start the following September or January.  There are no classes available in July and August. 


Module I      

Fall 2014                                                                         

      •     Theory and Philosophy

      •     Child Development

      •     Program Leadership


Module II  

Fall 2014

      •     Practical Life

      •     Parent Education        

      •     Music and Movement

      •     Administration                                 


Module III

Spring 2015

      •     Sensorial

      •     Science and Social Studies

      •     Art

      •     Math


Module IV

Spring 2015

      •     Language

      •     Observation


  • 540 hours internship
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of all required courses

The practicum phase, or internship, consists of 540 clocked hours (maximum 15 hours per week) of classroom work under the MTTI/NJ-approved supervision of an AMS or MACTE Early Childhood certified Head Teacher.  The Practicum phase may be self-directed if the student's formal request is approved by MTTI/NJ and the student pays an additional fee. Once both the academic and practicum phases have been successfully completed, the student will be eligible for the Montessori Early Childhood Certificate from the American Montessori Society.






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