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Justin Perry
First Officer,
Piedmont Airlines

"I would HIGHLY recommend the MCCC program. After finishing my aviation degree I built my hours as a CFI at Infinity Flight and interviewed with Piedmont Airlines with only 500 hours. I was hired on the spot, received a huge signing bonus, and Piedmont paid me as I continued to build my hours flight instructing. I was able to jump from flight instructing to commercial airline pilot seamlessly, and now I’m on the flow through list for American Airlines without any additional interviews. There simply isn’t an easier way to get to the airlines!"

James D. Kelly
Captain/Safety Manager,
Pfizer Aviation

"My experience and training from Mercer County Community College was the solid foundation that launched my career in business aviation. I am now flying a Gulfstream G650 to destinations all over the world. My life has become an adventure that I attribute to the outstanding education I received from the Mercer aviation program."

Sherri Turco
United Airlines

"My childhood dream was to become an airline pilot. At MCCC I was surrounded by professors that shared my passion. I even competed on the flight team beating out larger aviation university students in national contests. MCCC gave me ways to develop my skills and earn ratings in various multi-engine planes. I am rated in a 737, 757,767 and 777. I am currently a 757/767 captain, and thanks to MCCC I love everyday I spend at work in the sky."

Cristian Guardado
Aviation Student

"I considered larger universities, but I wanted to train in airplanes, not simulators. MCCC is the perfect choice. The professors are always available to guide me to make sure I make it as a career pilot. Flying out of TTN allows me to interact with different types of pilots. I’m able to network with corporate jet pilots, and large fleet pilots who are all eager to answer my questions and help me reach my goals."

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