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Aviation Flight Technology In order to complete the program, every student must successfully pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private, Commercial, and Instrument computer examinations and be certified as a commercial pilot with instrument rating. Ninety-seven percent of Mercer’s students have passed the examinations on the first attempt. The college is an approved examining authority; FAA computer tests are conducted at the college.

Successful graduates of the program will:

  • Obtain the appropriate ground and flight certificates;
  • Fill related aviation positions requiring specific aviation knowledge with airport service operators located at numerous airports in the United States and possessions.

A career with the major airlines may require a four-year baccalaureate degree. MCCC has direct transfer agreements with several colleges and universities.

Students in the Aviation Flight Technology program receive classroom instruction on the West Windsor Campus. Actual flight training takes place at Infinity Flight Group at Trenton-Mercer Airport, where the college has access to a fleet of aircraft and supervises the flight instructors. An active advisory commission consisting of experts from the government and civilian areas of aviation recommends changes necessary to maintain a quality program.

Admission to the program requires a high school diploma with one year of algebra. High school courses in trigonometry and physics are an advantage. Proof of citizenship or Transportation Security Administration approval is required for enrollment in the TSA Approval.

Before flight training begins, an aviation medical certificate will be required. Contact the Aviation program coordinator for details.

Piedmont Graduates of the program often return to take a flight-training course toward the certified flight instructor rating. Additionally student-graduates have the opportunity to utilize Infinity Flight Group’s flow through agreement with Piedmont Airlines. The agreement allows Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) employed by Infinity to interview with Piedmont Airlines with only 500 hours of flight time. Piedmont will offer conditional employment to selected candidates and pay a bonus structure for every 100 hours CFIs fly at Infinity until they reach the ATP minimums. Program participants will also receive up to $15,000 in signing bonuses and allow the Infinity pilots that are hired by Piedmont to be placed on the flow through list to American Airlines without going through any further interviews. This agreement will ensure a fast track to success for anyone interested in pursuing a career as an airline pilot.

Demand for commercial airline pilots has never been greater. More than 20,000 cockpit seats are expected to be vacated over the next seven years due to the FAA mandated retirement requirements. Now is the perfect time to start flight training!

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