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  Career Automotive Program

Mercer County Community College
MOPAR Career Automotive Program® (CAP)
Comprehensive Automotive Technology
Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS)

The Automotive Technology Degree Program introduces students to current automotive systems and related diagnostic and service techniques. Students will learn on and about current automotive technology and its use in late model production vehicles. In addition, students develop and learn professionalism while fulfilling internship requirements at their sponsoring repair facility.

The AAS program offers two paths of study that students can follow: MOPAR CAP (Career Automotive Program) and Comprehensive. Students who choose CAP will complete Chrysler-specific course material and secure a position at a Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealership as an apprentice technician. Those students following the Comprehensive path will learn theory, operation, diagnosis, and service of systems not specific to any particular vehicle or manufacturer. Students who opt to follow the Comprehensive path will complete internship requirements at an approved independent, franchise, or dealership repair facility.

Why CAP, and Why Mercer?

Mercer was the second school in the nation to join FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) in bringing CAP to fruition here in 1986, and therefore has over twenty six years of experience with this first rate program. Students get many benefits from our long-term comittment and experience, that many other schools just do not offer.

A Degree, NOT a Certificate!

There are many reasons to join these excellent programs, and the Corporate link above will provide detailed information in that regard, but first and foremost is the fact that a successful candidate will graduate with an Associates' Degree. Many other programs, which by the way cost more than double or triple Mercer's tuition, offer ONLY a Certificate of Completion. If you have any intentions of going beyond twisting wrenches in the future, a degree is very important. Do not shortchange yourself by paying more for less! We know you'll agree that the Mercer Automotive Program is the best bang for your career automotive education buck!

Cream of the Crop!

Another very important aspect of the CAP program is that upon successful completion as a graduate you'll have a level of technical credentials that puts you in the top 25% of all Chrysler technicians,having attained level three (of five) in eight technical training categories. For a Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep dealer to get a "Trainee" to this level of proficiency requires a substancial investment, which has been calculated to approach that of $60,000.00.

Internship Experience!

The required internship, which the student is responsible to secure, allows him or her to work and earn money to help pay for expenses, while in the program. This invaluable work experience allows the student to gain an insiders view into the daily operations of a dealership, as well as the interaction between the customer, the dealership and the factory. This is undoubtedly a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved, and the absolute best way for an aspiring technician to start on the right path to a rewarding rareer.

Advancement Opportunities!

While many graduates have remained "on the line" working as technicians their whole career, because of the college degree a successful candidate receives, and because of the type of person it takes to be successful in this program, many graduates have gone on to other positions in the ranks of management or education. Ultimately, your destiny is in your own hands! Jump-Start it, on the right foot with the Mercer Automotive Programs today!